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Who We Are


Sasso Plumbing & Heating has been the premier residential and commercial plumbing company since 1977, providing plumbing services for a wide range of customers who've come to depend on our high quality professionalism, superior workmanship and unsurpassed level of customer service.

Years Of Experience


Over the years we've seen a number of competitors enter the marketplace. Some are still around. Many have not lasted. So what's the secret to our success and longevity? It's really no secret at all. To Sasso Plumbing & Heating, customer service is our top priority and that begins the moment we pick up the phone.

Phenomenal Customer Care


When you call Sasso Plumbing & Heating you'll always be greeted by our friendly, courteous and knowledgeable customer representatives. They'll answer all your questions to the best of their ability and do everything in their ability to arrange a service call that suits your busy schedule. If it's an emergency plumbing call we'll give your call priority and do everything in our power to expedite your service call. Once we've scheduled your service call we guarantee our plumbers will arrive on time. In the unlikely event that our plumbers are unavoidably delayed you’ll be notified as soon as possible.

You'll see that same level of caring from all our staff and employees. Our plumbers are all certified, insured and highly trained so they can diagnose your problem quickly. We take pride in our fleet of clean, well maintained, late model service vehicles and equip them with the latest in plumbing equipment and tools to ensure our plumbers have what they need to complete your plumbing repair or installation job - usually in a single service call. Our focus on efficiency helps us be more productive and saves you time and money.

A Clean Job


You'll also find our plumbers to be highly professional in appearance and conduct and we know that it's our job to clean up messes - not make them - so our plumbers will treat your home like it was their own. Our plumbers wear protective shoe covers and use drop cloths to keep our work areas clean. We also conduct drug screenings and background checks on all our plumbers to ensure the safety of our customers.

Flexible and Friendly


At Sasso Plumbing & Heating we believe you shouldn't have to go up to your eyeballs in debt just because you were up to you ankles in water but major plumbing repairs can sometimes mean that you need the option of paying over time. At Sasso Plumbing & Heating we're more interested in earning your long-term business than in making a quick buck so we offer financing options to suit your budget.

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